This Intellectual Output will develop a policy paper that captures the policy learning from the project experiences of partners and identifies critical steps moving forward to support the development of basic skills of migrant women and their integration into lifelong learning. The policy document will present a number of key recommendations based on the outputs developed as part of the project. It will measure the cost benefits to be achieved by providing high-level training to adult educators to enable them re-integrate the hardest to reach target groups into lifelong learning. The paper will also consider the essential role that appropriate training scheme for both adult education staff and migrant populations play in achieving quality learning outcomes especially when working with groups on the margins of provision like migrant women who are distant from education and training due to family and childcare obligations, where everyday formal approaches are insufficient to address the skill needs.

This document will assess the strengths and weaknesses of the methodology used and the relevance of the tools and resources developed in each local context. This document will assess the mainstreaming potential of the project outputs. The policy paper will examine the experience of the project partners in 6 different countries and make recommendations for policy change on the basis of that experience.