This Output is an integrated set of materials designed to give educators and/or non-formal trainers who support adult learners, migrant support workers and adult education managers specific tools on how to provide knowledge and skills that will empower migrant women to become financially, culturally and socially active within the host countries and host communities. By using this handbook, adult educators/trainers will help migrant women to understand and reflect on different barriers that halt their social and economic empowerment and inclusion and will raise awareness and build capacity among low-qualified adult learners, for their personal and their collective growth.

Partners will develop bespoke embeddedlearning and enquiry-based learning units that are attractive and engaging and that will support migrant women to build basic skills and key competences as a first step towards lifelong learning, personal fulfillment and integration. The handbook aims to build a critical mass of adult educators adequately prepared to provide high quality learning and teaching opportunities. At the same time, the handbook will extend the competences of adult educators as it will include a dedicated section on how to approach vulnerable social groups, such as migrant women, using innovative methodologies, such as intersectionality. The handbook will be tested during the training of trainers activity and will be practiced during the WINGS Local Action Programme in all partner countries. All resources developed will include elements that raise awareness of culture, heritage, customs and traditions.

A. Building capacity for migrant women around key aspects of host countries as to facilitate their social and economic empowerment 
B. Developing the competencies of adult educators and migrant support workers