W-LAP encapsulates a systematic attempt to develop a dedicated course programme in each partner country that will improve the supply of high quality learning opportunities tailored to the needs of migrant women. W-LAP aims to build capacity for migrant women around key aspects of host countries as to facilitate their smooth social and economic empowerment and inclusion. Key issues that halt the integration of migrant women will be addressed by empowering them with diverse -yet tailored- skills. This course programme is deemed necessary as there is a dire need for an all-encompassing approach to training material and methodologies with practical application that will foster the social and economic empowerment of migrant women, and that will improve the supply of high quality learning opportunities in all partner countries. This output is highly innovative as it aims to give voice to, empower and strengthen migrant women themselves given the difficulties they usually encounter getting their skills and competences developed.

The succesful completion of this course programme and the good practices campaign will guarantee its transferability across the EU. Following Erasmus+ Open Access Requirements, all educational outputs which are produced in the context of WINGS will be made freely and publicly available under the open license provisions of Open Educational Resources (OER) in order to increase the value, visibility, and impact of the project.

Transnational (Synthesis) report following the successful implementation of the Wings Local Action Programme (W-LAP)