This is a compilation of experiences and testimonies expressed by migrant women themselves who have participated in W-LAP. The e-booklet will be a joint collaboration of all partners and will convey participants’ experiences to a wider audience. Moreover, this interactive booklet will resemble a set of declarations on issues important to a group of adults both local natives (adult educators/trainers) and migrant women, from 6 different countries, concerning topics such as their life as migrant adult women within multicultural environments filled with economical, societal and political crisis, their sense of self and belonging, their experiences as teachers and learners respectively in the context of the W-LAP, etc. It will offer a reflection on some aspects of our participants’ life and will contain any area of the core subjects that the group will want to highlight for positive social change transforming the very individuals into agents of change.

The multimedia e-booklet will be creatively designed by the project participants and will be a communication tool to initiate debate at the local, national and European level. It may contain video extracts from the course programme but also may be accompanied with new footage with interviews (given that the partnership has received participants’ consent). It may contain text, still images, moving images, screen recordings, music and sound. It will be up to the participants to decide the content and the final format. The e-booklet could also include a sequence of short sentences written in an artistic form or it may contain data from statistics and any other element the authors will deem right and effective to transmit their views and life stance. This is quite important for immigrant communities in particular as immigrants usually feel disenfranchised in host countries.

Implementing Training for Migrant Women & Highlighting Their Realities