The Platform will be designed as a database of the project resources and a dedicated online learning portal to support the work of adult educators and ensure that migrant women have access to all learning resources provided on a range of fixed and mobile devices.  All learning content in all languages will be published on the learning portal ensuring that all the required functionalities for online learning are in place. GEINNOVA will also support all partners to produce all the required audio-visual learning content. This portal will incorporate all the required social media functionalities to facilitate proposed project actions. Indicatively, the platform will be complemented with exercises, mini tests, presentations, and an online forum for learners to discuss, interact and complete tasks together. The online platform will present the material in Units, and each unit will include exercises, tasks to be completed and a test at the end of each Unit. The platform will also include a forum for trainees where interaction can either happen in real-time (chat) or in an asynchronous format (like a bulletin board system) where trainees can work together, learn together, and exchange views and best practices. The innovative element of this platform is that it will serve both as a training platform and as communication platform, creating a synergistic learning environment, promoting collaborative learning but also allowing for the flexibility of self-directed study. Adult educators and learners enrolled in the platform will have access to a variety of theoretical frameworks, skill building tools, activities and practices but they will also have the opportunity to interact with each other on the platform and continue to exchange feedback and best practices even after the official end of the project.