The WINGS (Social and Economic Empowerment of Migrant Women) Project, is tackling the prominent issue of migrant women being amongst the most vulnerable social groups in Europe today.

Since making news last December 2020, the much anticipated WINGS Local Action Programme – a highly supportive, 50-hour blended learning program for migrant women of both online and face to face mentoring is in its final stages.

The project’s consortium is currently in the search for adult educators and non-formal trainers to ultimately build a team adequately prepared to provide high quality learning opportunities to migrant women in Netherlands, Malta, Cyprus, Italy, Greece and Spain.

Maltese Project Manager, Maryrose Francia said the training program is completely free and dedicated to learning how to teach and approach vulnerable social groups, a skill that all teachers can benefit from. ‘Understanding how aspects of a person’s social, cultural and political identity may affect them in a learning environment and tailoring the teaching experience to accommodate for this will be vital when it comes to teaching migrant women in our community.

It’s important we are sensitive to the trauma many migrants may have endured and how traumatic experiences can lead to various long-term negative effects in not only their day to day lives, but also environments such as the classroom’.

The WINGS Train the Trainer event is set to take place in a workshop format, over 2 half days – a total of 8 hours. Essential strategies and skills which educators will attain will centre around becoming aware of the signs and impact of trauma, building a classroom culture that is safe by promoting predictability and consistency and how to provide the right type of classroom support. Those interested in taking part in the training workshop are encouraged to contact the WINGS consortium through the Wings website.