This morning, the WINGS Project has been presented at the European level, which aims to provide the training of immigrant women for their professional and social integration in our city.

The project, managed by GEINNOVA with the support of the CAI Foundation and the Department of Economy, Innovation, and Employment of the city Council of Zaragoza and funded by the European Union, is improving lives and facilitating the job search of a highly vulnerable group in our region.

The event was inaugurated by Councilor Carmen Herrarte, who emphasized the benefits for our society and for Zaragoza of integrating immigrants so that they can contribute to the development of our city through their work, with the participation of the six partner organizations from six European cities (Amsterdam, Athens, Nicosia, Valletta, Verona, and Zaragoza). During the presentation, Arine Huijboom from the Netherlands explained the strategic lines of the project to the interested groups in Zaragoza; Carlos Franco, founder of the Aragonese company GEINNOVA, explained the impact and the benefits that Aragon and Zaragoza are bringing; Mirian Rosa from Equatorial Guinea and Joana from Colombia, two of the beneficiaries of the project, told how WINGS has helped them to better understand the protocols and access to social services, how to better manage their family economy and how to look for a job in order to contribute to the host society. The trainer from Venezuela, Milagros Barrios, and the director of the project in Spain, Zaira Villalba Orera, also participated.

The WINGS Project belongs to the Erasmus+ KA2 Program and aims to expand and develop the skills of people who support adult learners, more specifically immigrant women, to help them in their social integration and in the acquisition of basic skills focused on the local community of their new country of residence.

The purpose of these actions is to achieve more cohesive and fairer cities in Europe, with fewer incidences of social exclusion and marginalization. Thanks to this European project, the offer of high-quality learning opportunities for these women is improved and expanded through education, training, and learning programs for employment and integration into the labor market.

For more information, please visit the project website link: