The WINGS Final Conference took place in Nicosia, Cyprus, on Thursday, 6 October 2022 at the premises of the University of Cyprus.

The aim of the final conference was to briefly present the project findings and deliverables. We aspired to invite a variety of stakeholders such as Adult Educators, non-formal trainers for adult learners, adult education managers, adult education training providers, migrant support workers, migrant organisations, policy makers, academic staff, NGOs staff, local authorities etc. The local advisory group and adult educators who participated in the training (C1) and the migrant women who participated in the W-LAP (O2) were also invited.

The final conference was a celebration of the project’s closure and an opportunity for the participants to present their experiences and lessons learned from the project. This event was used to promote the WINGS model and launch the full suite of resources developed.

The final conference was scheduled to coincide with the final partner meeting such that all partners had the opportunity to actively participate during the final conference either through dedicated presentations and/or as members of the panel of discussion.

SYNTHESIS was responsible for the design and preparation of the final conference, with partners’ contribution.